I ran into an old school chum the other day, and we decided to stop off for a drink. I remembered his wedding fondly and inquired how his wife was doing. He shrugged, appeared annoyed, and then he told me they weren’t together any longer. I was quite shocked because they had seemed to be perfect for each other, so he offered to tell me what happened between them. We ordered another round of drinks, and I must admit his story was upsetting.

He said they were quite happy together at first, but then his wife said she wanted to start their family. He was excited about it, and he agreed that she should stop working and stay home to get prepared for the baby. He volunteered to work a few extra shifts a week as a consultant to make up for her lost income, and she was fine with that.

She still hadn’t become pregnant after more than a year, and he asked her to see a doctor to find out what was wrong. He had tests done to see if he was the one with issues, but those turned out fine. His wife kept putting off seeing the doctor, but he never suspected anything until he tried to pay for lunch one day. Every credit card he had was declined, so he paid with cash and checked his accounts. He was completely broke and had no credit or savings left.

When he returned home earlier than usual, his wife was out. He had been working so many hours that he had missed the new furniture, his wife’s new wardrobe and her new car. It turned out she wasn’t trying to get pregnant at all because he found her birth control pills. She was just spending all the money, so he filed for divorced the next day and vowed to never work overtime again.